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SPORT FIT USA specializes in evidence-based injury prevention and performance improvement. Individualized programs are based on Functional Movement Screening, participant’s goals, and The Long-term Athlete Development Model (See References Below). Collegiate and professional sports organizations, as well as the US Military have reported significant reduction in injuries with implementation of Functional Movement Screening and training programs based off of the results of screening. Sport Fit has taken the best elements of top training programs at the collegiate and professional programs, and adapted them for our younger athletes. We at Sport Fit address movement and performance limitations, as well as injury risk factors at their ROOT CAUSE, and focus on CORRECTIVE EXERCISES to improve quality of movement patterns and address asymmetries or muscle imbalances that limit performance and increase risk of injury. Programs are developed and supervised by occupational therapists, physical therapists, and professional trainers.

'Many of the programs currently available for our younger athletes focus only on scripted drills or exercises.  These programs do not adequately address root causes of movement or performance limitation, and unfortunately reinforce already dysfunctional movement patterns.' -- Tim Boezinger, Owner of Sport Fit USA.


Tim Boezinger, owner of Sport Fit USA is a licensed occupational therapist with more than 25 years of experience in working with youth with developmental disabilities, as well as working with young athletes as young as age 5 in the areas of gross motor development, motor control, and athletic performance.  He is certified to administer the Functional Movement Screen, as well as many other developmental and performance based assessments.  He is also a certified ergonomic assessment specialist.  Tim founded the Sport Fit program due to alarming trends in severe injury occurrence among younger and younger athletes. The program was developed with a focus not only performance improvement, but also using standardized assessment along with his training as an occupational therapist to help identify potential injury risk factors in young athletes, and educate athletes and families in risk factors, such as overuse or motor control problems that are known to lead to increased likelihood of injury.

Co-Developers of the program include Tom Longhway, a licensed physical therapist of almost 25 years with a strong background in orthopedics, and James Voorhies who has worked extensively as a strength and conditioning coach and athletic trainer for athletes from pre-competitive to professional level.  James competed on the national level in gymnastics and power lifting, and helped to develop our training format.

Sport Fit's developmental and pre-competitive programs for younger athletes were developed with consultation from Krista Boezinger and Lisa Scarpa, both occupational therapists with decades of pediatric and developmental experience.

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