Athletic Training for Youth

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A Serious Message to Parents on Athletic Training
“Athleticism is the result of athletic movement skills development that involves learning proper techniques for agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, metabolic training, power, reaction time, speed, strength, and strength endurance (18).”

“Scientific research concludes that it takes 8 – 12 years of training for a talented athlete to reach elite levels (6,14). It also can be argued that it takes that long, if not longer, to produce quality youth coaches who understand how to develop proper skills in children. There are no shortcuts to athletic success (13,33). Unfortunately, some coaches and parents overemphasize competition, while at the same time, approach proper movement skills and development to improve athleticism with little or no interest.”

“A well-planned and balanced schedule of training, practice, competition, and recovery will enhance optimum development throughout the individual’s athletic career (32).”

Quotes take from:
Practical Application for Long-Term Athletic Development
by Larry Meadors PhD, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D, RSCC*E, USAW-2

Additional references may be found on the tab for medical professionals. We would be happy to explain the Functional Movement Screening and answer any questions. Please contact us. We are here for the safe development of your child's athletic abilities.
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